Expert Jewelry Repairs


We know that you wouldn’t trust just anyone to maintain and repair your beautiful jewelry. Jewelry not only makes a statement about your personal style, in many cases, it is also a sentimental reminder of a person, a memory, or a commitment. You can put your confidence in M.A. Jewelers because we have highly-trained, in-house jewelers and decades of experience! We are pleased to offer a full range of expert jewelry repair services as well as free jewelry cleaning and inspection.


Cleaning and Inspection


Regularly having your jewelry cleaned and inspected, about every 6 months or so, is very important. Cleaning your jewelry ensures that jewelry is free of dirt, oils, and other debris that can wear down the metal and cause damage to your jewelry. For most items we polish the metal on a buffing wheel to remove scratches and brighten up your metal, then we use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove dirt and debris, and lastly we finish it off with a hot steam shower to make the whole piece sparkle. Your well-worn pieces will look fresh and new again!

When you bring your items into M.A. Jewelers to be cleaned, we also inspect it. We make sure gemstones are tightened and prongs have enough metal to hold them securely. We check clasps on necklaces, chains, and bracelets to confirm that they are secure. We also straighten earring prongs and tighten backs if needed. There are many things we look for actually, and we will let you know if we recommend any repairs.


Ring Sizing


If your favorite ring is starting to feel a little loose or a tad bit snug, our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff can help you determine the size of your existing ring and your current finger size. Our in-house jewelers will skillfully size your platinum, gold or silver rings to fit just the way you like them.

New Shank (quarter, half, full)


If you’ve been wearing your wedding ring for many years, you may start to notice that the shank (the back of the ring) is looking thin, almost to the point of breaking. When this occurs it is time to have your shank replaced. The jeweler simply cuts off the thin portion and replaces it with a new piece. Sometimes only a small section is needed and other times the entire shank should be replaced. Our jewelers can explain to you which option is best and why.

Solder Rings


Rings that are frequently worn together, on the same finger, should be soldered. This simple process essentially makes the two rings into one but they still look like two separate rings. The advantage of having rings soldered together is that they won’t continuously rub against each other, which will wear the metal down.



As you wear your jewelry, especially your rings, the metal comes in contact with a variety of abrasives, which wears the metal down. This is just normal wear and tear. You should expect that the tips that hold gemstones securely in place will have to be re-tipped, or built back-up from time to time. How often you need tips redone depends on the metal and how often you wear your jewelry.

New Crown


Crowns are the metal prongs that are designed to securely hold gemstones of all shapes and sizes. Over time they may get bent or worn out to the point where re-tipping isn’t the best choice and the only way to ensure the safety of the gemstone is to replace the entire crown.

Tighten stones


Sometimes the metal that is holding a gemstone is sufficient to keep stones secure, however the metal may have relaxed a little, or the piece may have suffered an impact of some kind, leaving the stone loose. In this case the jeweler simply needs to tighten the stone by securing the metal around it.

Replace Stones


At M.A. Jewelers we can also replace stones that have either become lost or damaged. If needed, we can work with your insurance company to get your stone replaced. We take extra care to ensure the new gemstone matches other stones in the piece. Your piece will come back looking brand new and no one will ever know there was even an issue.

Solder Chains


Did your chain do the splits? Not to worry, most chains can easily be soldered back together so you can wear them without issue well into the future.

New Clasps and “o” rings


Sometimes clasps and the “o” rings that help connect the clasp to the jewelry piece get worn out and they just need to be replaced. When you bring your jewelry in to get checked and cleaned, don’t forget to bring in your necklaces, chains and bracelets so we can check the findings for you. They are a very important part of keeping your piece secure.

Earring Posts and Backs (friction, treaded)


If you have an expensive pair of earrings, and you just don’t feel like a friction post and back will keep the earrings on your ears securely, then you may want to have them replaced with threaded posts and backs. These are a little time consuming to put on but they screw on and off, which makes them a safer alternative. Whether you have threaded or friction backs, always make sure that there is some resistance when taking them on and off. If they feel too loose bring them right into us so our jeweler can tighten them for you.

Bead Restringing


Once you start to notice your pearls and beads moving around a lot on the string, it’s time to think about having them restrung. Over time the string that holds pearls and other beads can become stretched, brittle and soiled. If the beads are moving around on the string this can cause them to bump into each other, get damaged and also to wear out the string to the point where it breaks. Having them restrung (preferably with knots between each pearl or bead) will help to ensure the safety and security of your piece.


You can trust all of your fine jewelry repairs to M.A. Jewelers! Our experienced jewelers will keep your jewelry in tip-top shape so you can enjoy it for many years to come.