SCOTT KAY Ladies Large Stingray Bracelet


Big, bold, beautiful bracelets are hot fashion must-haves! We are seeing these statement making jewelry pieces everywhere! There are so many fabulous styles to choose from and one of the best designers in the industry – Scott Kay – offers an amazing selection. At M.A. Jewelers in New Jersey, we carry an enormous selection of bracelets with styles that include diamonds, gemstones, pearls, precious metals and we are especially proud of our Scott Kay bracelet collection. This award-winning designer offers luxurious jewelry that is perfect for those with discerning taste. He creates pieces that reflect strength, faith and give those who wear his jewelry an opportunity to find and enhance their signature style. Scott Kay also creates jewelry in the hopes that it will make those wearing his pieces feel empowered, confident and strong.

Let’s explore some of the unique and captivating bracelet designs that Scott Kay has to offer.



SCOTT KAY Ladies Large Cross Cuff Bracelet


One thing you can be sure of, when you choose a Scott Kay piece from this New Jersey jewelry store, you will find it to be a finely crafted, artisan quality piece of jewelry that is made to last. In the striking sterling silver cross cuff pictured above, you’ll notice all the many details that have been included in this design; milgrain beading, dynamic sterling details on the edges, and the beautiful cross detailing really make the piece extraordinary. To help all those details pop, an attractive black finish provides the perfect background.



SCOTT KAY Ladies Large Black Fleur-de-lis Bracelet


Multiple rows of black leather are layer together to form this amazing Scott Kay bracelet. It’s wide, courageous, and it is sure to get you noticed for your incredible sense of style. The piece showcases a captivating fleur-de-lis center piece that is crafted of sterling silver and adorned with glittering black spinel gemstones. In true Scott Kay style, this piece is finished off with an absolutely exquisite and ornately decorate clasp.



SCOTT KAY – Ladies Stingray and Cross Bracelet


The last dynamic Scott Kay bracelet that we are highlighting today features an attractive multi-row stingray band. At the center is an absolutely lovely and intricately designed center cross piece that is adorned with enduring white sapphires. You’ll notice that this piece is a bit smaller than the others featured, but that just means it lends itself nicely to layering with other bracelets. However, it also looks stunning alone as well.


Have fun with your fashion! Try new things, be daring and don’t be afraid to create unique combinations. Scott Kay bracelets can ignite your creativity and help inspire you to be daring with your jewelry style.