Shouldn’t an engagement ring be as unique and the two people whose love and commitment it represents? Of course! Traditionally, an engagement ring features a radiant diamond solitaire or a diamond center surrounded by a halo of diamonds or other gorgeous, glittering diamond accents. These rings are stunning, elegant, timeless, sentimental, and each has its own unique style and flare – but for some people, a complete break from tradition is the ideal way to showcase their personal style.


If you are looking for an engagement ring that is out of the ordinary, this blog post is for you! Today, we are going to feature some ahhhhhh-mazing alternative engagement rings. You may even find the one you have been searching for – or a design that speaks to your personal style.


Colored Stones



Sapphire and Diamond 14k White Gold Ring


Colored stones are a wonderful way to add vibrant hues and loads of style to any engagement ring. They look absolutely stunning when they are sprinkled throughout the ring as an accent stone but they are remarkably beautiful when they are featured as the main attraction as well – as the center stone. One of the most famous colored gemstone engagement rings once belonged to the late Princess Diana and now belongs to the Duchess of Cambridge.


Big Bold Bands


Ladies 14k White Gold Diamond Woven Band


Oh yes, big bold bands look super stylish and they can even serve a double function; they can be both the engagement ring and the wedding ring – but they certainly don’t have to. A gorgeous diamond encrusted band stacked with other bands looks modern and sophisticated. A dazzling eternity band of diamond representing your forever love looks especially radiant when paired with other bands. Add one every year is you want to!


Cluster Diamond Ring



Ladies Floral 18k White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring


Instead of just one large diamond, some ladies prefer a heavenly cluster of brilliant diamonds and/or colored gemstones. It’s far from traditional but certainly makes a bold statement of style. The true fashionista will appreciate this look. Cocktail rings are not just for cocktail parties – they can also be an enduring symbol of commitment and love.





Contemporary 14k Two-Tones Diamond Ring


This look isn’t for everyone but for those looking for an ultra-modern, alternative engagement ring, this is an exceptional choice. Those who choose to go for such a unique design convey a cool sophistication a sense of absolute confidence in their personal style



So which will it be? What will you choose? Pop into M.A. Jewelers, your favorite local New Jersey jewelry store to find these alternative styles and many more.